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Check Out These Websites

Art By JL Portfolio Website:


The New ARt By JL Logo








Art History Blog: Collection of Art History Papers & Topics:

Cafe Press – Order prints, stickers, t-shirts of my work here:

My Etsy Page:

I’m also on facebook under Art By Jacqualyn Lindo

Another blog of mine with


Other Sites To Check Out For Inspiration:

Cathe Holden’s Blogs:

A lot of crafty inspiration 🙂

Viet-My Bui (“Viet-Mee Buoy”),

also known as ravenskar : An AWESOME Digital Artist, trust me, I spent DAYS on her blog:

Social Justice Reporter Sharon K. Sobotta’s website:

Here is her podcast blog where you can hear amazing inspirational stories and interviews (Plus I helped design the page)

Tomahawk Media Group

Yea…I work for these guys :p  haha, they’ll hook you up with the whole package, East Coast Style!

Blog Buddies!

And here is a blog of a friend of mine, Alexisnotafish

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