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About the artist

My name is Jacqui Lindo and I am currently finishing my last year as a graphic design major at  the beautiful Saint Mary’s College of California.

This section is supposed to be about who I am, but I am actually here to bring your vision, your dream, your project to life, because I LOVE WHAT I DO.And when you love what you do, you do it right.


When I take on any kind of project, it’s about what you want. The design of anything is the first thing people see, therefore I can not express enough how important it is to make it user friendly, efficient, and appealing to the eye. I believe that the graphic needs of my clients are far too important to make them wait to finish their products, so you can expect me to be easy to contact, to work efficiently and to be organized.

People often wonder how I do so much, well getting a job done efficiently, means getting it done faster, and this not only works for you but allows me to always have time for a new project.

Now that my mission statement is over, here is a little bit of what I am doing now:

I currently work as a graphic design intern for Saint Mary’s College where I do all of the graphic design needs (including flier design, website design, and logo design) for all of the student clubs, organizations, and a few of the college’s student support organizations like their Woman’s Resource Center and Intercultural center.

I also work for the Saint Mary’s Art Department as an assistant to the chair, Peter Freund. I run the industrial printers, schedule and plan events for Gallery 160, our student art gallery.

Also, as a student manager/ technician, I set up all AV equipment for the school’s events and conferences as well as rent out and troubleshoot electronic equipment to students and faculty.

In my spare time (between the jobs and school) I run my business Art By JL where I design logos, edit film, and do paintings in any form as a freelance portrait artist.

I grew up in Connecticut, but came out to row for Saint Mary’s College of California on a rowing scholarship. Although I miss my baby sisters back East, I fell in love and currently live (and plan to stay) in San Francisco in the middle of all the action and I’m loving it.

I will be using this blog to keep a running update on how Art by JL is doing and to post a few of my recent projects. I hope to track my improvements and look back for inspiration. Feel free to leave feedback! 🙂

The link below will lead you to my CV/Resume if you are interested in using my services.

Thank you!

Jacqui Lindo


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