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The Levittown Housewife- A Monologue by Jacqui Lindo

November 30, 2009

Lots of work to do when planning for a baby! All of those Domestic Home magazines say to have a plan, “always have a plan!” Having a plan for everything makes being a house wife look so natural. My husband will love me for making everything so easy for the both of us. Oh! and this new house in Levittown, I will make this a home. Why with all of these new working stations it will be easy. Everything easy, that’s what organization does for you. I’ve got my changing table equipped with a diaper and wipe dispenser, making the perfect baby center. I will have to plan out dinner for every night of the week on this new chalk board made for the new refrigerator. Why we never had a fridge this size in the city. I can even have meals made for the weekend so the hubby and I can enjoy a night watching the television with the neighbors. Bob just bought a bigger one than them after his raise, so now they come running to us! Saturday meals should be cooked on the grill, I just know how much he loves his grilling. I’ve got to get some lawn furniture to match that new grill of his. Having all of these meals planned out will only leaves me with dishes and laundry. Both will be a snap with my new washing stations. Why the electric washing machine is even located in our kitchen so I can bounce from dishes to laundry without any effort. Our neighbor Sue is already so jealous of them, but she does have the new vacuum cleaner with the bigger bag. I must ask Bob to buy me one for Christmas. Changing the bag less often will give me so much more time alone with Bob. My city friends seem to worry I do not have enough hobbies for myself but I think that is just a silly thing to think. I must write to them soon and tell them about my new work stations. So much space to work now, and so much time to enjoy myself. Why I even live on Hobby Lane! All the housewives on our street have weekly meetings, every Wednesday at noon after our kids are off at school and the morning chores are done. For an hour or so we get do what ever hobbies we enjoy. I did very much enjoy learning about Sue’s new knitting technique. Now I can make our baby homemade sweaters and they will know how much I love them when they wear it. Perhaps Bob would like one too to wear around the house. Not that it gets very chilly around here. Our new home here in Levittown has the latest heating system, and the house is much more insulated than our apartment in the city. What a difference it makes on the utility bills. I much include that in my letter to my old city friends.

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